2013 - 2014 Season

South Pacific

South Pacific


Directed by Marty Craig

Auditions: June 16 & 17


August 30 & 31, September 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 & 21 @ 8PM

September 8 & 15 @ 2PM

Set in an island paradise during World War II, two parallel love stories are threatened by the dangers of prejudice and war. Nellie, a spunky nurse from Arkansas, falls in love with a mature French planter, Emile. Nellie learns that the mother of his children was an island native and, unable to turn her back on the prejudices with which she was raised, refuses Emile's proposal of marriage. Meanwhile, the strapping Lt. Joe Cable denies himself the fulfillment of a future with an innocent Tonkinese girl with whom he's fallen in love out of the same fears that haunt Nellie. When Emile is recruited to accompany Joe on a dangerous mission that claims Joe's life, Nellie realizes that life is too short not to seize her own chance for happiness, thus confronting and conquering her prejudices.

Cast List

Ensign Nellie Forbush – Scarlet Czarnopis

Emile Debeque – Gale Tynefield

Children – TBA

Henry – TBA

Bloody Mary –Brandi Baldwin

Liat, her daughter – Alexandra Casey

Luther Billis – Mike Ragan

Lt. Joseph Cable – Creg Kelly

Capt. Brackett – Rick Sellers

Cmdr. Harbison – Steve Murfree

Seabees and Sailors

  • Adam Isbell

  • Clinton Jeter

  • Dan Tippen

  • John Thees

Navy Nurses

  • Valerie Clark

  • Diana Egley

  • Jamie Blair

  • Denise Johnson

  • Laura Lange

Bus Stop

Bus Stop


Directed by Joe Viser

Auditions: September 1 & 2


October 18, 19, 25, & 26, November 1 & 2 @ 8PM

October 27 & November 3 @ 2PM


In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a cheerful roadside diner. All roads are blocked, and four or five weary travelers are going to have to hole up until morning. Cherie, a nightclub chanteuse in a sparkling gown and a seedy fur-trimmed jacket, is the passenger with most to worry about. She's been pursued, made love to and finally kidnapped by a twenty-one-year-old cowboy with a ranch of his own and the romantic methods of an unusually headstrong bull. The belligerent cowhand is right behind her, ready to sling her over his shoulder and carry her, alive and kicking, all the way to Montana. Even as she's ducking out from under his clumsy but confident embraces, and screeching at him fiercely to shut him up, she pauses to furrow her forehead and muse, "Somehow deep inside of me I got a funny feeling I'm gonna end up in Montana …" As a counterpoint to the main romance, the proprietor of the cafe and the bus driver at last find time to develop a friendship of their own; a middle-age scholar comes to terms with himself; and a young girl who works in the cafe also gets her first taste of romance.


Grace----------Marilyn Moore

Elma-----------Jacque Dowell

Will--------------Mark Wilson

Dr. Layman--------Allen Doris

Virgil--------------Bill Torgan

Carl-----------John McDonald

Bo--------------Brian Heaton

Cherie------Cristy Campobella


Stage Manager----Kristi Nicholson

Asst Stage Manager----Jim Murph

Set Design----------Don Hampton

Lighting Design------Scottie Smith

Lighting Tech-------Tony Knepper

Costumes----------Michael Hayes

Prop Mistress--Faye Beth Beckman

It’s A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life


Directed by Becky Teague



Auditions: October 6 & 7


November 29 & 30, December 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 & 21 @ 8PM

December 8 & 15 @ 2PM

The saga of George Bailey whose dreams of escape and adventure have been quashed by family obligation and civic duty.  His guardian angel descends on Christmas Eve to save him from despair and to show him what the world would have been like had he never been born.

Nunsense II

Nunsense II: The Second Coming...



Directed by Travis Bryant

And featuring the same cast from our

2011-2012 performance of NUNSENSE!!

Auditions: No auditions for this production


January 24, 25 & 31, February 1, 7, 8, 14 & 15 @ 8PM

February 2 & 9 @ 2PM

Nunsense II: The Second Coming takes place six weeks after the sisters have staged their first benefit. The sisters are back presenting a "thank-you" show for all the people who supported them in the past. But now, they're a bit slicker, having been "bitten by the theater bug." Things get to off to a rousing start, but before long. chaos erupts. Two Franciscans come to claim Sister Mary Amnesia (who has won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes) as one of their own. At the same time the nuns hear that a talent scout is in the audience to see them strut their stuff.

Inherit The Wind

Inherit The Wind



Directed by Don Hampton

Auditions: February 2 & 3


March 21, 22, 28 & 29, April 4 & 5 @ 8PM

March 30 & April 6 @ 2PM

A science teacher in a small Tennessee town defies the law when he teaches the theory of evolution to his students. His case prompts a renowned fundamentalist politician / lawyer, Matthew Harrison Brady, to offer his services as the prosecuting attorney. To combat this, Brady’s idealistic rival, Henry Drummond, arrives in town to defend the teacher and to inadvertently ignite a media frenzy.




Directed by Jeff Baldwin

Auditions: March 16 & 17, 2014


May 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 & 31, June 6 & 7 @ 8PM

May 25 & June 1 @ 2PM

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Greater Tuna

Greater Tuna


Directed by Carole Lamont

Auditions: April 27 & 28


July 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 & 26 @ 8PM

July 20 & 27 @ 2PM

What do Arles Struvie, Thurston Wheelis, Aunt Pearl, Petey Fisk, Phineas Blye and Rev. Spikes have in common? In this hilarious send-up of small town morals and mores, they are all among the upstanding citizens of Tuna, Texas' third smallest town. The long-running Off Broadway hit features two actors creating the entire population of Tuna in a tour de farce of quick change artistry, changing costumes and characterizations faster than a jack rabbit runs from a coyote. Two actors, twenty characters and a barrel of laughs, ya'll.